Trensums Food AB offers brand owner, food retailers an opportunity to launch their liquid food products without investing in own facilities.

Our services to clients comprises processing and packaging of tasty, nutritional and attractive foodstuff.

Our customers have the opportunity to also hand over recipe and packaging development tasks to our skilled R&D projects group. In many different liquid food categories Trensums offers a wide range of processes and packaging types to consider.




  • Single serve/multi serve
  • Ambient/refrigerated
  • Premium/mainstream
  • Plastics/glass/carton



  • Sauces & salsa
  • Condiments
  • Soups/soup starters
  • Starters for stew and soup
  • Stock, broth, bullion
  • Still drinks & concentrate saft
  • Juices, juice blends & smoothies
  • Functional drinks
  • Plant based
  • Jam & marmelade
  • Alcohol
  • Industry concentrates 


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