Acquires all shares and changes name

måndag 4 augusti, 2014
Acquires all shares and changes name

Scandumin Group acquires all shares in its daughter companies and sells the majority stake in the mother company to Profura AB. At the same time the group changes name to Nordic Food Group.

Nordic Food Group (formerly Scandumin), with subsidiaries Trensums Food, Olle Svensson and Örneborgs Delikatesser, got a new principal owner when Profura AB a Gothenburg based Investment company acquired shares in the Company, and is now the company’s largest shareholder. In connection with this, the Nordic Food also acquired all shares in Trensums Food.

With the acquisition Nordic Food strengthens its ties and cooperation and becomes a major player in the food sector in Sweden. Nordic Food is already one of the leading wild berry distributors and producers of liquid food.

The group’s business in the coming years is expansive because the Board believes that the industry faces further consolidation, something that appeals to the new main owner Profura AB.

“We have followed Scandumin’s development for some time and now had an opportunity to acquire shares in the company, which we have had an interest in for a number of years. We believe that the group is facing a strong growth in the coming years and has a strong and experienced management team that is well-knit and fit to make the journey towards new goals, which is one of the criterias for Profuras new investments, “says Bernt Ivarsson, CEO Profura AB.

“By reorganizing the group to a wholly-owned group while and inviting a financial partner, we believe that we have taken a big step towards the goal of building a larger group in the food sector. The new group still has some synergies to realize but, above all, we are now focusing on growth” says Anders Svensson, CEO of Nordic Foods.

Nordic Food Group consists of three business lines: Trensums Food, Olle Svensson and Örneborgs Delikatesser. The group has annual sales of about SEK 950 million.


Anders Svensson, CEO of Nordic Food (formerly Scandumin), phone +46 454 988 02

Stefan Hamrin, Chairman of Trensums and Örneborgs, phone +46 70 252 98 30

Ola Cronholm, investment manager Profura AB, tel +46 31 700 98 80


Trensums Food

Trensums Food is producer of liquid and semi-liquid foods. The company has annual sales of approximately SEK 450 million and has approximately 130 employees. The Company is located in Tingsryd and Svängsta. Trensums Food has high capacity and know-how in processes and processing. Sauces, jams, soups, condiments and beverages are the largest product areas. The processes can include pasteurization, sterile filtration, UHT, enzymation, homogenization, etc. The products can be filled hot or cold, they can be packed in containers, barrels, Bag in Box, bottles, tetra mm.

Olle Svensson

Olle Svensson Partiaffär has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of wild berries in Scandinavia, together with its subsidiaries Bos Agro Food. The group has annual sales of approximately SEK 400 million and has around 100 employees. The Company operates through several freezing plants in Sweden and through its subsidiary, Bos Agro Food in Bosnia. Through the use of advanced technology, high storage capacity and a strong focus on source documentation, the company has grown into one of the leading suppliers in the industry.

Örneborgs Delikatesser

Örneborgs Delikatesser is producing a wide range of salads, dips, sauces, marinades, horseradish, mayonnaise, dressings, mustard and cream cheese. The company, which is based in Kungsbacka outside Gothenburg, has a turnover of approximately SEK 115 million and has 30 employees. In addition to a range of own brands Örneborgs is also a producer for several of the largest food companies and wholesalers.


Profura AB is a Gothenburg-based investment company whose main business is to invest in and manage unlisted Swedish companies, preferably with ambitious and strong management teams. In the current configuration, the Company’s subsidiaries have a total turnover of around SEK 2,1 billion and is active in a broad spectrum of industries. Read more at

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